Preparing Lovers for Marriage & Building Lasting Marriages Through Bible-based Mentorship. 
  • Marriage Foundations 
  • Dealing with Adultery
  • How to Respect Your Man
  • How to Love Your Wife
  •  How to Earn Trust
  • Marriage Quality Time
  • First-Time Parents 
  • How to Bond with Spouse
  • Marriage & Money
  • Marriage & Dating 
  • ​Marriage & Intimacy 
  • ​Marriage & Infertility 
  • Emotional Affairs 
  • How to Avoid Divorce​
  • ​God, Spouse, Kids, Others
  • ​Myths that Ruin Marriage
  • Behaviors that Kill Love


  1. Infidelity
  2. Marriage Teamwork
  3. External Interference
  4. Secrets  in Marriage
  5. Marriage & Forgiveness
  6. ​Marriage & Money
  7. Marriage Communication
  8. ​Marriage & Submission


There are a numerous good reasons for desiring to be a part of a marriage relationship. Just about everyone thinks about getting married at some point in their lives, and many go ahead and do it. Unfortunately, of those that wed, about half will rethink that decision and eventually divorce. Read more ____ share

Wrong Reasons to Get Married: Part 1 of 2

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